Sustainable Handmade Collective - Crazy Lyka - Quirky Gifts
Hi my name is Julie Fox - welcome to Crazy Lyka handmade cards and gifts.
I was born in beautiful Wales but have lived in Sydney for over 20 years now - from the green hills and valleys of tiny South Wales to the dramatic expanse of New South Wales!
I came to the world of handmade goodies later in life but I love it....it has given me a new zest for life and for gorgeous things. All the Crazy Lyka range is lovingly hand-crafted at my kitchen table.
When I'm not beavering away at home, you will find me scouring the virtual and real streets for beautiful and interesting goodies to repurpose.  I pounce on all things vintage, retro, whimsical and nostalgic, no matter how weird and wonderful,  so some of these qualities are in all of my products. I recycle and upcycle wherever possible and bring a fresh new twist to pre-loved pieces.
Each piece gives me such joy to make. I hope you will find joy in them also.