Button Christmas Tree Ornaments.

October 11, 2018

We recently had a post on our Facebook page go viral. We thought this was quite funny and of course we thought the post was fabulous, because we only post fabulous content on our page. It was a post about these super cute Christmas tree ornaments made from buttons. Now you know how much we LOOOOVE a great upcycled idea right!?
Considering it was so popular we decided to do our best to let you know how to GET YOUR GRAFT ON.

What you will need

  • Some string, twine, thread or wool fishing line or even pipe cleaners ( each piece needs to be at least 16 inches or  long or if you are in Aus approx 41cm long)  Now it has to be thin enough to go through the smallest button holes but strong enough to hold your buttons in place.
  • Some nail polish or similar to stiffen your thread, if you are using fishing line or pipe cleaners you probably can skip this.
  • Assorted buttons in different sizes... Don't buy any head to your local opp shop, ask your nan or put a call out on your Facebook for any that no one actually wants anymore. Honestly I think every person on the planet or close to it has a jar of buttons that they will never use. 
  • Some trinket bits and bobs from the top, some old funky opp shop jewellery would be perfect.
  • Some sweet tie string some for the the hanger on the tree bits.

Where to start.... figure out how many trees you want to make by sorting your buttons into size piles make sure you have at least 4 small buttons for each tree trunk and then an additional range of colored buttons in similar sizes around 15 should do. When the buttons are  placed on top of each other they  will create a cone shape with the larger buttons at the bottom, then a little trinket for the top, so just enough to make that happen.

Once you have all your bits and bobs ready you can follow the instructions below to make your fantastic little tree ornaments.  you can assemble them to to end up with something that looks like this.

Now since we haven't actually done this our selves, we don't want you to all to end up with one of those awesome NAILED IT creations at the end. So here are a couple of trusty you tube tutorials that look like they are a winner